body image

Hi Internet! This is a blog post that has actually been requested from a lot of people. As someone who struggles with body image it was hard at times to write this and not feel hypocritical.  However, after a while I found a way to give my honest opinion as I stand by all of […]

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Top 5 photographs of 2016

Hi Internet! Back when I began this blog I did a blog post called ‘Top 5 photographs of 2015’, however that post did get deleted, although it was one of my favourites. So on this blog post I thought I would show you my top 5 favourite photographs that I have taken during 2016. This […]

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2016 roundup

Hi Internet! 2016. What a year. It’s had its ups and most certainly it’s downs. I have learnt a lot over this year, many  things that I will carry with me throughout 2017. But just before I allow myself to begin a brand new year I feel as though we need to officially say goodbye […]

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Hi Internet! These kinds of photography blog posts are starting to become one of my favourite things they allow me to really try out different techniques and explore more with my photography. I am really excited to share with you some photos I have or my friend has taken that are christmas themed. My friend […]

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1 Year

Hi Internet! 1 year ago today I decided to make a blog. This blog.  I had the courage to start doing something that I enjoy. Never did I think I would be sat blogging a year later, I thought no one would read it or enjoy it I believed I might get bored and give […]

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